UrSlam Factor:

UrSlam Factor is a yearly talent competition open to all inmates in Correctional Centres who have a talent
in music, comedy, magic, poetry, dance or writing. The pilot will be at the Pollsmoor Correctional Centre
with the eventual rollout to Correctional Centres nationally.

A first of its kind, the entire competition will be funded by Women Taking Action and will attract professional
judges in the entertainment industry, from around South Africa and beyond the country's borders.
The programme has been developed specifically to assist inmates in the process of rehabilitation
by providing inmates with a platform to showcase their talents.


With the strategic goal of rehabilitating and reducing reoffending,
we are committed to specific objectives, which include:

        * Providing inmates with a sense of purpose, inspiration, focus and a greater sense of self-worth.

        * Helping inmates develop their talents

        * Connecting with inmates through a more humane and progressive formula of rehabilitation.

        * Provide inmates with opportunities for growth to assist in eventually becoming productive members of society.

        * Offering Correctional Services an effective way to identify talent
          within the prison population and increase inmate's prospects of rehabilitation.

        * Identiying inmates wanting to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

        * Easing tensions in the prison system.

        * Finding that diamond in the rough