Community Outreach

Our Programmes

The community outreach programmes are aimed at enriching the lives of the disadvantaged through activities and awareness driven initiatives. History has shown that the increase in unruly behaviour as well as the increase in the number of people entering our penal system is as a direct result of poverty and the lack of resources in impoverished communities. Women Taking Action has seen that merging resources, experience, knowledge and programs with government departments, results in a far greater impact on poor communities than if acting independently.

Ultimate Goal

Making a change in marginalised and poor communities


Community Outreach Programmes with motivational talks

Inputs (A)

Providing motivational programs and activities while at the same time giving basic needs in the form of blankets, pillows, clothing, toiletries and groceries.

Inputs (B)

Feeding, gifting and entertaining through various activities aimed at those most vulnerable, the youth, women, elderly and homeless.

Outcomes (A)

Ploughed into poor communities leading to a reduction in unruly behaviour in youth and contribute to the wellness of people by inspired hope in the elderly and homeless

Outcome (B)

Create the relaxed environment and platform for trust and hope to be fostered

Our History

We are aimed at making a change in marginalised and poor communities by creating an environment through our events which allow for us to connect and engage with those who are most vulnerable in the communities such as the youth, elderly, women and the homeless. All events are uplifting and done in a fun-filled atmosphere where beneficiaries are provided with gifts, food and/or high tea and inspirational talks and entertainment.

We also provide young girls with toiletries and assist in raising awareness of the necessity of providing free sanitary towels to all disadvantaged girls.

Our Partners